Technologists as an Economic Force Multiplier

For years, technologists have been seen as an expense – persons whose job it is to implement tasks and reduce responsibilities for other personnel, thereby improving margins for the underlying business and improving the EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization), and then relying on accounts to figure out the net profit situation.

In large organizations, there are entire ecosystems built around servicing the needs of technology personnel, profit centers and fiefdoms, replete with lords/ladies and vassals, leaving the rank-and-file workers not sure if their loyalty is to their boss, their company, or their colleagues.  This trifurcated command chain ultimately breeds a bureaucracy and governance nightmare attached to a function that is already seen as an expense.

Why not treat technologists as strategic partners?  Why not ask the right questions early enough in the product lifecycle to see what technology investments will make the product more adaptable?  Why not involve allow more technology innovation and product feedback and put technology on an equal footing with Marketing, Finance, and Operations, instead of a service organization?

I can make this a reality for you.