Jonathan Kalbfeld, MBA

Experienced Technology Manager and Leader with 28 years of experience ranging from UNIX desktop support to leading change in large organizations as well as small ones. Nearly 10 years working for NASA in an engineering capacity working very closely with the people who put robots on Mars.

Jonathan Kalbfeld, MBA

Experienced Technology Manager and Leader with 28 years of experience ranging from UNIX desktop support to leading change in large organizations as well as small ones. Nearly 10 years working for NASA in an engineering capacity working very closely with the people who put robots on Mars. Extensive experience writing infrastructure-as-code using Terraform and Terraform Enterprise in an enterprise banking environment.  Experience working in an institutional trading environment as a Series 7 & 63 Registered Representative. Ready to come into your organization on day one and discover pathways to growth using technical expertise and past experience.

Skillset Summary

Key Technical Skills

· Microsoft Azure, Terraform, Docker
· DevOps, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Terraform
· Continuous Integration
· Extensive experience building Linux systems, including on premises clouds
· Jenkins, Jenkins Groovy Pipeline
· GitHub, GitLabs
· Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, FreeBSD, and UNIX Administration
· nodeJS, Ruby, Python, Perl, BASH, C, Java, Groovy, SwaggerUI
· Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, S3, OpsWorks, CloudFormation, CloudFront, Lambda)
· OpenStack (Fuel, Mitaka)
· Information Security
· NFS, ZFS, iSCSI, Storage Technologies
· BGP Networking, Peering, ASNs
· System Administration (UNIX & Linux)
· DNS Servers
· Content Delivery Networks & Edge Caching
· Digital Video Transcoding & Transmuxing
· Trading Systems: Order Books, FIX, Black-Sholes
Key Management Skills
· SWOT and PEST Analysis & Five Forces Analysis
· Due Diligence, Governance, and Key Performance Indicators
· Forecasting
· Leading Teams & Managing Deliverables
· Venture Capital Funding pitches
· Strategic Planning
· Project Management
· Cloud Integration and Migration
· Leading Organizational Change
· Market Forces Analysis
· Managing Vendor Relations
· IT Operations, including hand-on technical asset management
· Capital expenditure analysis
· Gamification of ERP Tools and Algorithms (Patent in Progress)
· Securities Laws (FINRA, SEC) , Reverse Mergers, IPOs, M&A

Work Experience

Manager, DevOps & IT, Byte (October 2021 - Present)

• Manage multi-city domestic IT support team
• Develop standard operating procedures
• Work with auditors to ensure SOC 2 and SOX compliance
• Manage Azure DevOps Presence
• Build out office locations in Santa Monica, CA and Lehi, UT
• Mentor and coach team members
• Work with senior leadership to solve organizational issues
• Develop technical steps for onboarding and off-boarding.
• Manage switches, routers, and servers when support team is shorthanded

Vice President, Infrastructure Engineer, City National Bank (May 2019 – December 2020)
• Developed extensive terraform code for infrastructure-as-code deployment of bank resources into Microsoft Azure as well as VMWare vCenter Cluster
• Managed Terraform Enteprise and Chef system for the entire company
• Functioned as the Linux guru, managing Red Hat, Ubuntu, and Oracle Linux and helping Microsoft people understand Open Source
• Functioned as the UNIX and AIX guru, migrating legacy system sinto
• Developed extensive terraform module code
• Worked with bank internal customers and helped transition the bank into nearly a completely remote workforce
• Helped with INFOSEC compliance and audit issues
• Built VDI solution based on Apache Guacamole and RDP

Expert Witness, Jonathan Research & Expertise (January 2020 - Present)

• Expert witness for data analysis related to personal injury & medical malpractice cases
• Wrote affidavits, depositions, interrogatories covering medical records fraud

Consultant, Setec Astronomy, Inc. (October 2019 – Present)
• Developing a new platform for distributed threat-management-as-a-service
• Advising new companies on ways to monetize their ideas without expensive public cloud commitments or private data centers.
• Acquire ASN and IP space and connect to BGP peering partners
• Build secure open source video conferencing system with end-to-end encryption

Lead DevOps Engineer, Etsy, Inc (October 2017 – November 2018)
· Develop and deploy tools for managing Google Cloud Environment
· Manage Jenkins Continuous Integration Deployment environment
· Work closely and mentor Jr. and Associate-level Engineers
· Manage Linux VMs, Containers, including all aspects of System Administration and Information Security

CTO, Ubiquity, Inc (Former Symbol: UBIQ) | (DevOps lead from July 2014 – April 2015) (interim CTO from April 2015 – July 2016) | CTO July 2016 – September 2017
· Lead engineering efforts for the entire company, directing a software development organization using Agile and CI principles
· Build out and deploy OpenStack Cloud Environment for development environment while using AWS for scalable production environment
· Made everything work seamlessly and easily with Puppet deployment.
· Lead operations efforts for the entire company, directing an IT operations organization using DevOps and Cloud infrastructure
· Configure BGP routers, HTTP/HTTPS proxies, load balancing, and CloudFlare DNS for DDoS protection
· Manage GitHub access to allow Jenkins jobs to run and deploy on every commit
· Integrate notifications of deployments in Slack and Rocket Chat
· Develop documentation and procedures to allow engineering team to replicate environment
· Mentor Senior-Level and Lead engineering level team members on management concepts and ideals
· Perform due diligence on technical acquisitions totaling close to $10M
· Make recommendations on regulatory and governance issues
· Write provisional software patents
· Meet with major investors as well as the board of directors and advisors to make recommendations on the strategic direction of the company
· Turned around entire software development operation from the Spring of 2015 to early 2017, making it agile and building the Sprocket environment to MVP

ThoughtWave Technologies, Inc. | CEO, 2013 – Present, Director, 1994 – Present
· Built Multiple BGP peering partners, lots of legacy IP address space, IPv6 connectivity in multi-city environment
· Acquired majority share in 2013, and after assuming CTO role, worked closely with clients to save them thousands of dollars by moving their applications into private clouds
· Developed and deployed Continuous Integration systems based on Jenkins, Git, and Amazon CloudFormation to allow clients to deploy their application in minutes instead of hours, saving thousands of dollars in consulting time and allowing significant parallelization of development efforts
· Developed and deployed disaster recovery system based on ZFS replication for a Mirantis OpenStack deployment.
· Expanded data center presence to Dallas, TX and Pittsburgh, PA
· Managed skilled offshore team comprising a QA manager, Development Lead, Project Manager, and Technical Writer for a hardware devices client.
· Increased year-over-year net profits by 400% in the fourth quarter of 2014 from the preceding year by adopting an Agile consulting model
· Negotiated and acquired business vehicles, saving several thousand dollars on dealer invoice.
· Grew organizational core competencies to include Chef, Puppet, Continuous Integration, Continuous deployment, software packaging and reuse.
· Managed half a dozen client relationships and performed technical tasks as well
· Established investment fund for exploratory mobile applications in 2015
· Raised investment capital by initiating a private placement

Jukin Media, Inc | DevOps & EnterpriseArchitecture | 2/2015 - 7/8/2016
• Manage Jukin Media AWS cloud presence and develop standard operating procedures
• Design analytics dashboards and key performance indicators for DevOps
• Built Puppet, Chef, Ansible tools for deploying apps while sitting in traffic
• Develop and deploy money-saving continuous integration methodologies, disaster recovery plans, build a bridge between developers, product, and operations
• Build reliable methods for sharing data with broadcast partners.
• Mentor Jr. Staff on various things from Project Management to Continuous Integration
• Manage vendor relationships working with Content Delivery Networks, application instrumentation providers, and cloud service providers.
• Implement pushbutton deployments even a CTO can handle.

Sr. Systems Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion
Laboratory | Sr. Systems Engineer | 11/2004 – 2/2014
Several Roles, including UNIX and Linux Support Engineer (2004 – 2008), Advanced Multi-Mission Operations Software & Deep Space Network Cognizant Engineer (2008 – 2013) and Sr. Member of Technical Staff (2013 – 2014)
• Linux, UNIX, Software, Networks
• Explored the asteroid belt
• Helped land things on Mars
• Met with Congressional Representatives and begged for money
• Wrote articles on embedded systems design
• Taught classes on stuff like SWOT
• Did a whole bunch of awesome stuff as best as possible.
• I trimmed this down – I know the JPL way of life.  All of the management structure, how to get things done, how to manage up, down, sideways, forwards and backwards.

Webvan Group, Inc. / Sr. Solaris Administrator / 2/1999 – 7/2000
• Built UNIX environment from 12 servers to 200 servers as company valuation grew from $100M to $11B in an IPO
• Built advanced high availability and disaster recovery platform that guaranteed uptime even  in the event of complete data center failure.
• Wrote hundreds of pages of documentation for standard operating procedures and processes


BS/Business, summa-cum-laude, Walden University,
MBA/Finance, CSU Northridge, 3.74/4.00
Computer Science Studies, University of Michigan


Kalbfeld, J. R. (2006, November 1). Develop an RTOS on
Solaris with RTEMS. Embedded Systems Design
, 19(11).

Other Experience

Ran in the 2012 Primary for the US House of Representatives in California's 28th Congressional district, receiving 2,000 votes.